The foam used on the sofa, which is mainly used in the handle and seat of the couch, is one of the essential factors in determining the quality and durability of the sofa. Different kinds of foam and sponge can be used for the sofa. Its evolution began with the sponge. In this article, we will briefly talk about sofa foams.

Foam types:

  • sponge
  • Cold foam
  • Warm foam
  • Special foam
  • Lens or flat foam
  • Viscose fibers

what is the sponge?

*It’s the creamy foam rubber we know. Its thickness determines the sponge’s lifetime. The higher its thickness, the longer the sponge will .last. Currently, the best type of sponge for making furniture is 30kg sponges

What is foam?

The foam used in the manufacture of furniture is a foam sheet. Foam sheets in furniture are more durable than sponges, but they are also more expensive. Foam is used in the production of furniture in three types of cold foam, warm foam, and special foam.

What is warm foam?

Warm foam is a type of foam sheet that is produced at a very high temperature in the furnace. The quality and durability of hot foam are much more top than the sponge.

What is cold foam?

Cold foam is similar to the hot foam sheet, which is produced at very low temperatures. The quality and durability of cold foam are higher than a sponge and lower than warm foam.

What is Special Foam?

The special foam is manufactured in such a way as to have both hot and cold foam. The special foam is currently used to produce stainless steel furniture and comfort.

What is Lens Foam?

The lens foam, also known as the flat foam mold, has two flat sides or one flat side and one side of the lens.

What is a Viscose Fiber?

Foam and viscose can be used for the handle and back of the sofa.

To make the mattress of the sofa durable and do not get out of the normal sitting position. We need to know a bit about the type of mattresses and materials used in the furniture industry. So that when buying our minds, do not get involved in the right or wrong sellers’ information and make the right choice.

Types of foam and sponges include the following, which are explained below.

  • sponge

It’s the same foam rubber that everyone knows, used in most thicknesses for most furniture pieces. For example, there are thin sponges for the sofa handles and the back of the sofa. On the sofa’s seat, in many cases, sponges called 30-kg sponges or urethane sponges are used to refer to the 30-kg sponge density. The higher the density, the longer the sponge life of the sofa is. Urethane Sofa sponge is also a type of sponge that is currently one of the reputable brands in the field of furniture seats.

  • foam

It is made of a combination of special chemicals with a specific proportion in the furnace. It is available in a variety of furniture and car seats. Due to the type of construction, they have different qualities. They have a longer shelf life than conventional sponges. The foams used for furniture are warm foam, cold foam, and special foam. The thickness of the foam can also be 10 or 13 or 15 cm, regardless of its material.

  • Warm foam

The reason for naming warm foam is the type of construction that is cooked at high temperatures in the furnace. Warm foam is better than a sponge for use on furniture seats. The prominent property of warm foam is its rigidity, although it gradually decreases with use, and the foam becomes softer. The elasticity of the warm foam gradually declines.

  • Cold foam

Naming cold foam is also due to the use of indirect heat or low temperatures during the manufacturing process. The low temperature gives more opportunity for the foam molecules to form, and therefore the foam elasticity is higher than the hot foam and softer than the foam. Because of their softness and comfort, they usually use cold foam on the seat for comfortable furniture. But its shelf life is less than warm foam—generally, furniture makers who use cold foam on their sofa guarantee only 18 months of their work.

  • Special foam

It has the properties of warm and cold foam at the same time and is soft and firm between cold and warm. Recently used this type of foam for sofa and stainless steel furniture.

Foam mold(lens or flat): The appearance of the foam can be flat on either side or one side flat and the other side convex. They are used for furniture with unique models. It’s called lens foam.

Fibers and viscose: Thin strands of polyester material that are simple or circular and are used inside cushions for sofas, mattresses, and furniture cushions. The good things about viscose are its softness and excellent comfort. But it is less recommended for the sofa seat because it is less elastic than foam and sponge and will easily take your body for when you sit on the mattress.

Springs roll: Metal springs are tube-shaped, which can also be used inside sleeping mats. Mostly used for stainless steel furniture and classic sofa, this spring is placed under the foam and between the straps and sack. The life span of the furniture utilizing this spring is relatively longer.

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