About Paya Abr Maral Machinery

Paya Abr Maral Company Due to the variety of products obtained from the production process and market demand, its executives, have purchased advanced and modern machinery, which has led to the increased product range and quality of Paya Abr Maral products. All parts of the country are distributed.

Paya Abr Maral is dedicated to providing innovative and versatile foam and sponge products with economically justified service and exceptional customer service. The company serves consumers who expect high quality and outstanding service with high-quality sponges and competitive costs and timely delivery.

Our modern machinery is capable of producing foam, cloud, and sponge and other products, which makes it possible for our compatriots to use high-quality raw materials, domestic production, and the outcome of our dear countrymen. This, in addition to the boom in production, puts a wholly Iranian good on the market, and we can also take steps to expand our beloved Iranian economy. In addition to the above machines, Paya Abr Maral Company has a complete cutting line to provide manufactured sponges in different sizes and shapes as customers request. The products of this company are competitive in quality with similar foreign products, and economically, prices are at the lowest possible level.

The most advanced sponge maker, molded sponge maker, horizontal sponge cutter, sponge rotary cutter, foam maker, sponge cloth laminating machine, was launched at Paya Abr Maral Company It is currently producing unique products in this field. All cutting machines are also equipped with the most advanced machinery used by experienced personnel. Paya Abr Maral Company delivers sponges of varying density to meet market demand. In this regard, the company can produce sponges in sizes, colors, and densities of 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 25, 30, 35 kg for the well-being of our customers. For this purpose, the company has been providing laminate services (types of fabrics to sponges, leather to sponges) for various business purposes.

Paya Abr Maral Company has consistently attributed its success in delivering quality products free of any additives to its customers and end-users, thus creating a new phase, producing duplex sponge, sponge suplex, sponge laminating, sponge laminating to Velvet, leather and so on (dubbing and sublingual) added to their products, which is hopefully based on the experiences gained and benefiting from the viewpoints of dear customers and in keeping with the latest technology developments, by offering newer products While working successfully, we are seeing more satisfaction and a range of customer and consumer satisfaction.

At the end, we have to say that Paya Abr Maral Company aims to produce quality and standard products in the field of foam, sponge, leather, textile, and other such products and now in accordance with the use and operation of modern machinery, With the latest foam and sponge production methods, as well as the use of expert and experienced staff, it has marketed its products. So the company's success over the past few years has been rooted in product quality, and that is the goal we set out to launch. A goal that we have worked hard on for many years, and we will do our utmost to achieve it.